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Fresh, Spring Makeup Tutorial - Zoella

If only I had a daughter, with skin as white as snow,
                with hair as black as ebony
                          and lips as red as blood..”


This game is hilarious omg



Can we just talk about how cute and amazingly perfect they are for each other


Relationships & Friendships

Season 1 // Season 3


Hey! so um lets 17 from chicago but i really want to move to austrailia percussion, hunger games, blink-182, clothes, cats, soccer, fire (: ------------------------------------------------jack & finn, kimmi, zoella, alfie, joe, louise, chai, jenn, jim, grace, connor, tanya, natalie, david, caspar, sam, marcus, ricky, dave, maz, o2l, & louis ------------------------------------------------ Be as silly, & as crazy, & ridiculous, & as care free for as long as you can be, because you have your whole life ahead of you to be an "adult" & to be you know boring and stuff... so go crazy while you can! Life is to short so you might wanna have fun while you're living it. - Kimmi Smiles

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