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Zoe makes us happy every single day now it’s our time to make HER smile.

Get your butt butts on Twitter and tweet with the hashtag #WeLoveZoella as many times as you can! Tweet the reasons you love her for, your favorite videos, your best memories with/about her, etc etc.

RTs count as a tweet so if you want to get involved with me I’m @danufes. LETS SPREAD SOME LOVE ❤️


Autumn LookBook | Zoella.

Zoe + Louise

*Starships playing in the background*


Zalfie Song AU - Love is an Open Door from Frozen


They are soo cute!


Poor Alfie has to share kisses from Zoe with the Guinea Pigs now!

They are pretty cute though?! This is also the first GIF I have made!




Instruments: Tenor Drums


Zoe and Joe as kids :3


Zoe and Alfie being really cute!!



Hey! so um lets 18 from chicago but i really want to move to austrailia percussion, hunger games, blink-182, clothes, cats, soccer, fire (: ------------------------------------------------jack & finn, kimmi, zalfie, narcus, janya, joe, louise, matt, troye, jenn, the holy trinity, connor, natalie, david, caspar, marcus, ricky, dave, miranda, colleen, sacconejolys, jenna, and louis ------------------------------------------------ Be as silly, & as crazy, & ridiculous, & as care free for as long as you can be, because you have your whole life ahead of you to be an "adult" & to be you know boring and stuff... so go crazy while you can! Life is to short so you might wanna have fun while you're living it. - Kimmi Smiles

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